27 June, 2013

Happiness disguised in pink shoes and baseball

Windows are closing, doors are opening, getting lemons and making lemonade. It's all about perspective and attitude.

Happiness this past week..

new pink running shoes (finally found a pair in my size - 8, and on sale for 4000yen!), the rain coming and bringing the temperature down to a more comfortable 25 degrees (although this is a double edged sword), spending the day in the sun drinking umeshu and countless cups of coke while watching the baseball with lovelies, leisurely walking around city on a sunny Saturday afternoon while slightly buzzed from aforementioned drinks, drinking frozen beer and blueberry beer cocktails at a new beer bar in the city, burgers, pizza and cheesecake at New York, wine at one of my favourite lounge bars - Lotus, listening and singing along to Mariah Carey while cleaning, a weeks worth of laundry (damn rain) done, pretty painted nails, finding my chola inspired headscarf from two Halloweens ago - taking a cue from Miss Kandee and wearing it at every opportunity I get, scented candles (can't get enough), strawberry ice cream, watching all three seasons of Duck Dynasty and laughing so hard at uncle Si, painful physio that makes be feel better afterwards, homemade quesidillas for brunch and all the summer fruit that's coming out - dragon fruit, delicious grapes, watermelon, cherries and peaches! Oh and I brought silicone ice block moulds to try and make my own vegan/paleo friendly fudge bars...

Baseball faces

Hiroshima Carp flying penis balloons..oh Japan

frozen beer and DIY blueberry beer cocktail

NY cheesecake at New York


Uncle Si you get me err time!

homemade frozen icey treats!!


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