02 July, 2013


After an amazing weekend of excess I need to detox - in a major way. I drank far to much and got pretty drunk, almost embarrassingly drunk - ALMOST. Too many bottles of champagne in the club - like my instagram hashtag, I need to remember that #yourenotscottdisik! I had yakiniku for the first time in I honestly don't know how long - the last time I remember having it was over 3 years ago...generally speaking I don't eat much meat to start with so this all you can eat business sent my stomach into overdrive. Two days later I still don't feel right.

The stress of getting ready to leave Japan, packing, planning, preparing final lessons, preparing speeches for farewell parties, stressing about how much annoying Japanese paperwork I need to do before I leave has me tired. I'm not eating properly and since I quit the gym I'm not exercising nearly as much as I should be - I'm still running and playing sports but I should be running more.

So, I have devised a detox plan that should get me back to feeling good. I've planned out my dinners for the week - fresh vegetables and salmon or chicken, lunch I have no control over as I get school lunch (although I will be choosing what I eat from it carefully and eat only half of the rice), breakfast is going to be something small that I can eat quickly as I never have time to make something and sit down and eat it - I like to sleep! I'm going to try and NOT stop at the kombini on my way home from school for a snack and I'm going to limit my caffeine intake - no fizzy drinks and only one coffee (if that) a day.  I've been pintresting up a storm and found lots of delicious ways to naturally flavour water - I drink so much water anyway but I'm hoping the flavoured water will satisfy my sweet cravings.

I also found these detox pads that you put on the bottom of your feet at night and take them off in the morning. They are supposed to help rid your body of unwanted toxins and excess water. I've been reading about them online and there are a mix of good reviews and skeptical reviews. I've always been a believer in trying things for myself - I will keep the reviews I read in mind but I'll be the judge if they work for me or not. They say that you should use them for a minimum of 30 days - I don't want to spend all that money on them so I'll try do them a few times a week. I tried them last night for the first time and when I pulled them off this morning they were pretty gross..I don't know what the gunk was, but it wasn't pretty! So I'm curious to keep trying them.

Let's see how this detox thing goes..


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