11 July, 2013

purikura, pizza and sangria happiness

This weekends happiness was baking cookies with Kimi on a Friday night after having a particularly sad first (of many) last days at school followed by a few fails that put me on edge - chocolate chip cookies were a great distraction, sleeping in on Saturday well past my alarm, getting all my laundry done (5 loads) and dried at the laundromat (damn you rainy season!), watching Masterchef Australia, catching a train to the city that was sooooo cutely decorated, Saturday sangria at cute bar in the city with my lovely partners in bitchy crime, cheap pizza and wine, bumping into Mr. Hawaii by chance while waiting at starbucks and having a great quick catchup, predetermined drunken purikura poses, meeting up with Mr. Rugby for a quick chat outside the Adidas store (?!) before their team went off to karaoke, Sunday night exercise - run, yoga and squat challenge, clean bed linen - that first sleep in fresh linen is the best! and a cherry flavoured coke to sound out my happy weekend. I feel slightly guilty that I didn't make the most of a sunny Sunday but relaxing and going for a run made me feel slightly better about it.

Quietly stressing about how little time I have left here and all the things I have to do before I leave - paperwork, school, packing and getting rid of all the unwanted stuff in my house..these next few weeks are going to be a challenge so I have to take out to de-stress, relax and refocus.

First order of business - bed!

cookies with Kimi


mecha cute train to the city - it's okonomiyaki!

graffiti in Japan (especially in Hiroshima) always makes me happy!

sangria Saturday!

just so you know, this is how you be kawaii


why so cartoon?

wear pink booty shorts and hold a cat - that's how to make cute.

it's just not fair you are so kawaii (stomps foot).

Sunday night post run yoga.

my little lizard friend is back - it's been a while!

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