29 July, 2013

3 days..

I have three days left in Japan. I can't believe that I've been here for four years and I'm finally leaving. 

I'm really sad that I'm going, although it doesn't feel real yet. I'm trying to be positive & optimistic about what's next for me - even though I don't really know what that is yet. It was my choice to leave and the hardest decision I've had to make yet. 

This last month had been crazy busy - packing, cleaning & farewell partying which has finally caught up with me in the form of massive cold that kept me inside (at my friends house) and bed bound. It's always worse being sick in some else's house. 

Enjoying my last few days in Hiroshima doing things I love. Today is Miyajima just to walk around by myself with my beats and appreciate. 


Train selfie & orange pants!


  1. Oh no, you're leaving already?? So sad... but it's exciting, lots of new things awaiting you. Please keep blogging!!!! I'll miss you!

    1. Yes, sadly I've left my beloved Nippon!! New adventures to be had and will definitely keep blogging of course!! I'll miss you too but I'll live vicariously in Japan through your blog! x