05 October, 2013

Brazil nuts and things i'm loving lately

Is it just me or are Brazil nuts the most disgusting nuts there are?! Urgh they leave such a strange after taste and have the grossest flavour ever! When i'm buying the nuts from the pick and mix bins I take far too long because i'm trying to avoid the brasil nuts (and the walnuts - although I don't harbour as much hate for those I just don't partucularly like them). Anyway enough about the nuts...the last week has been pretty busy and yes I am still unemployed, still not luck on the job scene!

Things i'm loving lately (I type as i try and get rid of this foul Brazil nut after taste from my mouth)...cherry blossoms (and other spring blossoms) are out everywhere and they look mighty pretty - I look like a tourist trying to take pics of the blooms but it brings me so much happiness and reminds me of Japan, finding a lone plum tree on the farm and picking the branches to have the flowers in my room, finally unpacking and arranging everything in my room, my new desk/work area, listening to rain on the roof as I fall asleep, watching devious maids, body pumping my heart out, having small things to look forward too, getting my car fixed and blasting my music like a cool kid of a Friday night with the windows down doing laps through town (except it's the middle of the day with the windows up in the middle of the country side...) and warmer days but the nights still cool enough to have a hot water bottle and drinking green tea with jasmine & white tea with rose petals in my newly acquired (fathers day present for dad that I have commandeered) mustache mug, freshly juiced apple/carrot/ginger juice, getting my vegetable garden ready for planting and getting lost in a good book.

Trying to stay positive about not having found a job yet. Something will come up and I need to keep my chin up and keep applying! Remembering to be grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life right now and that I am fortunate enough to have somewhere to live, food to eat and people that love me.

vege garden almost ready

plum blossoms
mustache mug on new desk with date scone!

afternoon juice on new desk in the sun


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