03 October, 2013

Mini holiday

Having a mini holiday in Tauranga/Mt Maunganui. Being unemployed (yes, still!) has its perks..aside from no regular income you're free to head off into the beautiful spring sun on a whim with a friend for a mini getaway! 

Caught up with a friend for the first time in years eating delish food on The Strand. Our food went cold from the non stop talking! LOVE.

Sightseeing, shopping, eating sushi (totally not up to my standard but hey I'm not in Japan anymore!), sun bathing, hiking, movies, wine & Mexican food for dinner was a great way to spend Thursday.

Leaving tomorrow so back to reality & job hunting but I have an international festival to look forward too on Saturday if the beginnings of this cold I've suddenly developed in the last few hours passes! 


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