03 February, 2014

I left the lights on.

Today was a test for sure!

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. x100

Get up. Shower. Dress. Hair & Makeup. Hair all over everything. Make lunch.  Change outfit. Make toast. Burn toast. Make coffee. Grab my 50 bags. Look like bag lady. Lock door. Unlock car..strange all doors don't unlock. Turn key in ignition. Nothing. Panic. Try again.  Nothing. See I didnt turn lights off properly.  Battery flat. Text friend to pick me up. Wait on the steps in sun. Too hot, get headache. Mum calls. Remembered I didn't set alarm in house. Put coffee down. Unlock door.  Still on the phone. Set alarm. Lock door. Go to pick up coffee.  Coffee all over the grass. Hang up phone. Go inside. Make new coffee. Friend arrives. No time to jump start car. Go to uni. Day improves.

So today could have been horrendous,  but it turned out pretty good. It's a mindset shift.

Even managed a 5km run tonight! Not a bad effort!

Ebs & flows and positive vibes! Hah must be those endorphins talking!

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