02 February, 2014


These last few weeks have been pretty hectic but I am finally starting to feel settled.

Finally moved to Palmerston North (yup the big Palmy) - which is only slightly better then living on the farm with the parents, the day before I started back at University as a "mature" student...gah that makes me cringe! Although I sit nicely in the middle of the age ranges on my course I still fall into the mature bracket - mainly because I like don't, like, talk like, you know, like this like? Yeah there are a whoooooole bunch of those types on my course..and I have a year with them! The ones who dress up like they are going out to the club EVERYDAY..eye rolls. I won't however be that mature student that sits right at the front and asks ALL the questions ALL the time, I'll just keep it low key gangster somewhere in the middle. 

So, finally feeling like i have a purpose, a goal, a direction and it feels pretty damn good! Trying to get into a routine of not sleeping late even on the days I don't have class till 11am, going to bed at a reasonable hour, getting into good study habits and making my lunch everyday to save money. Haha I'm becoming an adult. Shiiit. 

Just some things..

  • NEVER underestimate the PRIVILEGE of a working, hot shower - NEVER! and having unlimited water. #ruralliving #truth #bucketshowersallround
  • Got the cutest mugs the other day while out "shopping for school stationery" (I also brought pants..)
  • Finally have jandal tan lines - this indicates summer, oh and said jandal tans lines are from my super cute new havaianas that I have been waiting to buy since my last two pairs broke beyond repair (yes, even that stupid pintrest like hack fix your jandals with a bread tag didn't work! huurgghhff).
  • Found the nicest shampoo and conditioner at the Warehouse, the smell is amaze, I like the sound of the ingredients, the conditioner made my hair super soft as soon as it made contact with my hair (yuuussss), it doesn't dry my hair out or strip it and it does wonders for my curls - yeah I wore my hair curly out in public for the first time in forever! More on this later.
  • Quinoa is my jam. 
  • Going to start doing monthly resolutions - example for the month of Feb I will go to one 6.15am class at the gym per week.
  • I have far too many note books and tote bags.
Just have to find a new car, my old faithful Christopher Rino's days are limited. Am currently cruising around in the Mercedes and as much as I love it, it guzzles gas like nobodies business, I'm a broke student I can't afford to be paying for all that gas! 

Love ya and leave ya
Jandal tan lines and chipping nail polish

New Havaianas - finally wooooo!

My new hood - ima need that map err day

Palmy tryna give me some sun....about time motha phaka!

Haha and then it got cold again - it's supposed to be summer bitch! Unimpressed.

Bit of light reading. My fav subject too...NOT!

My hella cute book - getting it done on the gym floor at TKD.
This stuff is AMAZE. I can't.

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