01 February, 2014


With this new chapter of my life getting underway, I'm starting to get a handle on the mountains of work I have to do, my room slowing coming together (bought a new bedside table today...ohhh faaaancy) and I'm becoming such an organised adult!

Becoming a student again was a great decision & I'm so happy with what I'm doing but my budget has taken a serious nosedive! In an effort to save money, be a bit healthier & be more organised I've been making my lunch for school everyday.  Pssshhhttt you say? That's nothing new!  Weeelll for the last 4 years I haven't had to worry about lunch - it was provided for me. Before that I pretty much would buy my lunch daily...even back when I was first at university! Being back in NZ I'm enjoying the range of food readily available and at the same time missing all my fave foods from Japan & the convenience of the kombini!

I'm loving quinoa at the moment..it's my jam! I whip up a big try of roast vegetables, cook some quinoa in the rice cooker, throw it all together once it's cooked and tadaaaa lunch and dinner for days! #sodomesticbabes

I spend a good amount of my day at uni...snore...so I gotta have snacks too. Cherries, nectarines,  bananas, nuts & maybe a sneaky chocolate? Don't judge. .I gotta get through math class somehow!
I've also been taking my own coffee in my hella cute travel mug from typo..although it's not leak proof dammit! Having Havana coffee daily makes me so happy. #littlethings

Maybe one day soon I can make Japanese style kyara-ben (character bento). Shiiiit I'd make a great Japanese housewife. .but that's another post for another day.

Love ya & leave ya.
ILY babes

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