13 June, 2011

i love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I know i overkill that reference jus' a lil bit (see what i did there?), but it works oh so well.


A few things that I've loved this past week....

  •  the gym (and my combat instructor, oohhhh hhheeeyyy that's another story)
  • sharing delicious meals with my wonderful friends
  • eating outside on the not so hot and humid early evenings, with bottles of fancy juice with fancy bottles (that end up as vases..post on that coming soon)
  • as bad ass as my students were last week, i still love the one liners they come up with or the things they do to make me smile, and making them smile makes me happy
  • drinking, enjoying, taking smack with new random people and letting self consciousness go (almost)
  • dancing up a hurricane (not a storm - it was much more then that!)
  • laughing so uncontrollably it hurts and you start crying (deb is bed backwards, really!)
  • talking shit and laughing
  • laughing
  • watching awesomely bad movies with lovelies, eating pizza and laughing uncontrollably
  • how good i felt after my weeks gym sessions even though i could hardly walk!
21 questions, i will be answering soon.

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