28 May, 2013

Saturday & Sunday things

I'm a little behind on posting, but I'll start here and fill in the blanks when I have time..

Saturday I spent having a wonderful & well over due sleep in - trust my body clock to wake me up at 7am but I forced myself back to sleep till 10! Skyped my parents & leisurely did my hair and makeup (talk about luxury!) before heading out to the annual Onomichi Film Festival. The film festival was great fun, some awesome short films and commercials from some very creative people, the burgers at the venue were divine and it was nice to catch up with old friends, oh and eat some delish Onomichi ramen! The short film I submitted (which has consumed so much of my time) was really well received and I'm really happy at how it turned out!

Sunday was spent hitting the snooze button on my alarm, lunch date with the BMM's first lady at a cute cafe in the city, walking around taking pics of graffiti and then heading out to the stadium to watch rugby. A beautiful afternoon to sit in the sun and watch hot boys with sexy legs run around in short shorts! A spot of shopping on my way home (will post my haul later) and a ice soy latte from starbucks for my train ride home sounded out a lovely relaxing weekend. Oh and I have a small tan forming, excited - beach time soon!


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