01 June, 2013

More shopping

Finally catching up.

I managed to fill 2 suitcases of shoes and winter clothes for my parents to take back to NZ with them, only to come home after my travels around Japan & to the Philippines with more stuff...

Haul 1 - after farewelling mum off to do some sightseeing alone, dad says he wants to join me shopping in Shinjuku. He then doesn't let me pay for anything. Fathers are the best! 

Haul 2 - in Osaka, we take a stroll after dinner at the best Mexican place in Japan El Panco and end up in H&M buying presents for them to take back to NZ. Mum says she'll get my stuff too. Oh I have wonderful parents! 

Haul 3 - I really only have myself to blame! I went to the Philippines for work and was given a per diem of about 5000yen a day (for 3 days) to cover lunch & dinner, which over there is more then enough. Suffice to say I went shopping. 3 pairs of shoes (one not pictured), 4 pairs of pants, 3 designer (of course authentic *cough *cough) handbags and some jewelry later...

Green spiky flats from a random store in Manila, turquoise and gold sandals from Forever 21 and Purple studded flats from H&M.

Orange, faux leather, pink and black & white patterned skinny jeans all from Forever 21 in Manila (YAY they stock real sizes - not super skinny Japanese ones!!)

Sheer polka dot top from Forever 21, cream satin oversize sleeveless top H&M, sheer black maxi skirt with crosses Forever 21, patterned maxi dress Forever 21 and last but not least black maxi dress from H&M.

Lastly all my jewels from Forever 21 - I'm in LOVE with the wings bangle! Oh and the pink bag from H&M.

Oooweee that's a lot of stuff. And I bought more shoes online today - they arrive on Tuesday and I'm totes excite!!

Now I'm secretly freaking out about how I'm going to get everything back to NZ without paying through my teeth...

hearts, hugs and maxed out credit cards

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