09 August, 2013

1 week

I've been back in NZ for one week.

One loooooong week.

I knew when I left it would be hard to come back but I didn't realise how hard. I miss Japan so much. I miss my life in Japan. I miss not having to answer to anyone. I miss having things to do. I'm seriously starting to doubt if I made the right decision to come home. Having said all that I need to gambare and make the most of my time at home. Set goals and have a plan. The loneliness (most of my friends now reside in other countries or cities and the rest have 5 thousand kids) and boredom (small town 2000 people...enough said) will subside but only if I am proactive about it. I will give myself this weekend more to mourn for Japan and my Japanese life and then I will be all about getting things on track for the next phase of my life - getting out of NZ and heading overseas again (come on pension refund!).

I have so much to catch up on, namely my last few weeks in Japan. I'm also thinking about do a series of posts called "Unemployment in the NZ inaka - a day in the life" which will include fun activities such as my weekly visits to WINZ or bleaching my eyebrows, going to sit in the McDonalds car park to use the free wi-fi. Exciting stuff!

Oh and I have already used up 80% of this months data for the internet - curse you NZ and your non-unlimited internet!!! Lucky I legally acquired all my shows and movies before I came back! No more youtube this month for me...FML.

Watch this space!

My mantra of the moment - GANBAROU!!


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  1. I can't believe you left Japan!! I think the first few weeks (or even months) back will be challenging, but you'll get used to your new routine. Besides- you can always come back to Japan! I know the feeling, when I left Korea to go back to Montreal I was crushed, but there are amazing things back home too. Sigh. All the best to you! Keep writing!