20 August, 2013

Borderline Hiroshima and Ehime

This is my attempt at catching up - I'm just going to post the last few months not necessarily in any order so I get back to real time and my super exciting life that is unemployment in the inaka.

During my last few weeks at school as the weather was getting far too hot to be sitting in a teachers room pretending to be busy I started leaving school as soon as my classes were done for the day (actually OK who am I kidding I have been doing this for the last 2 years...) which at times was straight after lunch. One particularly hot afternoon I text Tom to see if he was game to skip out on school early too and head to the beach, he was. So we decided to rendezvous at a Deodeo (now called Edion - when they changed over it was my mission to find something in store that still had the old Deodeo logo on it - I never did) where I'd park my car and then he'd drive us to the beach which was at the end of a chain of islands off Hiro in the inland sea.

It was so nice to sit at the beach and relax reading gossip magazines and talking smack - always so much fun with Tom boo boo. It was also really nice to not be sweating uncontrollably in a non air conditioned teachers room but sweating ever to slightly on the beach with coffee from the kombini and the cool ocean lapping (haha not really the inland sea doesn't have waves!) at our feet!

We then decided to keep driving and ended up driving over to the last island on the chain of islands that is considered part of Ehime prefecture - Ehime is like a ferry ride away and pretty far. We also drive up a pretty precarious road to a look out where you can see most of the islands in the inland sea. Such a nice mid week afternoon!

And of course I had to stop on our drive back to my car in Deodeo to take a pic of the graffiti I love so much! I actually made Tom turn around on a super busy highway to go back and take a pic..

Moody sky

Hiroshima & Ehime

love this little guy
Inland sea and racer back tan lines

oh i love me some selfies, especially a diptic of selfies!


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