20 August, 2013

Hiroshima to Tokyo for the last

Two days before I was due to hand over the keys to my house I headed up to Tokyo for a whirlwind 24 hours.

Even though it's a long ride on the shinkansen to Tokyo I always enjoy it - maybe it's the excitement of what awaits when I arrive in Shinagawa. It sounds silly and I know if I lived in Tokyo and had to deal with the crowds everyday all day I wouldn't love it at all, but the rush I get as I walk though Shinagawa station to track one - the Yamanote line to get to Shibuya is awesome. 

I went to perform at the NZ embassy for a reception for the Japanese Defense Force - was a good performance and was a great last time with the group. After our performance we went back to the apartment to get changed and ready for what Shibuya had in store for us. Starting with mini asahi cans and chu-his from the kombini, NZ wine and beer from the staff at the embassy and a bottle of what can only be described as nasty aniseed medicine - omiyage a friend brought back from Greece, my last night in Toks was well on its way - and then Si turned up with his guitar. We eventually headed out to scramble to find they we were late and they were closing. The rest of the night was an awesome blurr of fun - Gas Panic, dancing, tequila shots, more dancing, more tequila shots, burger king, being tackled to the ground outside H&M by the D master who was looking for his coins that I stole and hid in my bra...very classy and then being locked out of the apartment because I forgot the code. 

Woke up the next morning not so hungover and made for the station so I could be home at a reasonable hour to get some more cleaning and packing done before heading to see Fast and Furious 6 with Kimi and Tom.

I'll miss my little getaways to Tokyo so much. I found them such a great way to get away from reality even for a short time and let the energy of Tokyo take me over. 

I'll be back - sooner rather then later.

Tokyo I love you.

Group selfie before we perform
Chu hi selfie
Tequila time with the D master and Miss M

Hungover shinkansen makeup

Rainy Shibuya

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