04 September, 2013

Unemployment in the inaka is

bleaching my eyebrows, sitting in the car park at McD's/town library/cafes scamming free wi-fi, spending far too long in the international section at the supermarket reminiscing over the Kewpie mayo and instant miso soup, baking the entire contents of the Edmond's Cook Book, making my nieces school lunch and sneaking in notes, sleeping in, eating breakfast out on the deck in the beautiful winter sun, going to the gym, teaching body pump, drinking too much coffee and herbal tea, taking too many photos of the sky because of lack of better subjects, taking my niece to tae kwon do, painting my nails, dying my own hair with supermarket dye (multiple times), spending time with family, "looking" for jobs, spending hours online looking at Korean and Japanese skin care sites and seeing who ships to NZ, researching plants for my vege/herb garden, cooking dinners in the crock pot, reading to my hearts content - novels/fashion magazines/gossip magazines, constantly reorganizing my room, reading blogs, trolling on FB/insta and twitter and using up all the internet, going to physio, long baths, juicing (#fitspo #boxgap) getting a new phone and using up my months prepaid internet in one day - daymn you unlimited Japanese internets you've ruined me! playing far too much candy crush....

Rinse and repeat.


3 weeks and 3 days...not that i'm counting or anything.


eyebrow bleaching is so hot right now


sneaky school lunch notes


walks with the dog

more coffee (and cheesecake)

pretty clouds 



giant ginger kisses


the next karate kid...i mean tae kwon do kid..?

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