05 September, 2013

August Instagramming

September is here which means I have been home for just over 1 month now...scary how time flies!!

The weather is warming up and then cooling down and then threatening to snow - make up your mind Spring! This is my first spring home in NZ in 4 years and I had forgotten all about the little lambs being born and the beautiful daffodils blooming everywhere - maybe I forgot or maybe I just never took any notice.

Spring time in Japan is beautiful - the sakura and just the spring time vibe that everyone gets. You know I'm the hanami grinch but I love how beautiful the sakura and ume blossoms are. I love that all the stores are decorated with the perfect picture of spring, you can buy spring time themed goods and decorations everywhere, there are spring themed food and drinks avaliable (sakura latte anyone?) and the streets are lined with sakura trees. The seasons are clearly defined in Japan and I love it. Contrasting that to NZ now - if the lambs weren't being born and the daffodils weren't blooming (and of course if I couldn't read a calendar) then I would have no idea it was spring - it's like the year is just one big blur of a season. Maybe it's a cultural thing - I don't know, but I do know I miss my Japanese spring. I did find sakura however!! Mecha excite!!

With limited wi-fi access my instagramming has waned considerably, but here's what's been happening in my #instaworld

1. My last night in Japan at a beer garden with some lovelies including Marc & Katrina who I had't seen in almost 2 years!
2. Breakfast on the deck in the beautiful winter sunshine.
3. Whanganui sunsets.
4. Home skies.
5. Relaxing in the tub after a particularly sore physio session.
6. Getting my fit girl on #fitspo #juicing #boxgap #cleaneating #ironichashtagging
7. Queen of Hearts for a cousins Alice in Wonderland birthday party.
8. First coffee back in NZ (mochiron soy latte).

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  1. Japan looks so pretty!!! Well NZ is too ^_^--- but ahhh, the flowers O.O

    1. Yeah NZ is pretty but Japan in spring time is be-u-ti-ful!!