15 September, 2013


My last month or so in Japan was emotional, stressful, busy and hot! It was almost surreal thinking “this is the last time I’ll be doing this”. There was so much paperwork to do, things to get rid of, things to send, people to see, places to visit, parties to attend and speeches to give I barely had time to slow down and take in what was happening. Before I knew it I was handing over the keys to my house and walking out of the beloved place I called home for the last 4 years. Dropping off car was also a big move emotionally – it felt like I was giving up my independence. Using public transport and walking everywhere was HORRIBLE, especially in the hot sticky summer heat. I know for a fact that if I didn't have a car I would not have stayed in Japan as long as I did. Lucky for me (and thank hey zues) a car was required for my job! In a way i'm glad I was busy and kept busy until the last minute - had I had time to think about what was happening I would have been even more of an emotional wreck!

I spent four wonderful years in Japan making memories and meeting some amazing people. Leaving was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and to cram all my goodbyes into a few short months/weeks/days coupled with packing up my life and shipping it home was heartbreaking. I am blessed to have made some wonderful memories and friends and throughout all the ups and downs that life brings I couldn't and wouldn't have asked for anything different...ok well maybe a few things relating to he who must not be named - yes I have re-nicknamed him to that of Voldemort! 

Nippon my beloved, you are sorely missed but I know in my heart we will be reunited once more!

Last Karugahama sunset

Karugahama toes

Last koto lesson - gosh how I miss playing the koto!


Farewell gifts from school that made my mascara run a marathon

Beautiful blackboard art by my kids

Last basketball Friday with team Jouzu

Last basketball Friday

Last ramen at Gaba with team jouzu

Last sushi at Sushi sen with Tom

Last touch practice 

Purikura with one of my fave students from JHS now a SHS student!

Purikura with two of my fave Hiroshima ladies!

We found the bed cafe!

beds, cocktails and dessert - YES!

Last night in Japan spent at a beer garden with lovelies including these two!


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